Irish Seaweed

The basis for today’s research on umami started with its discovery in Kombu, an edible seaweed capturing the mouth-watering umami flavour. Kelp is more than just a nutrient-dense, low-fat, low-calorie food. Studies have suggested that kelp may have a substantial effect on weight reduction and obesity due to the presence of alginate, a natural fibre, which can prevent the absorption of fat molecules in the gut (Jensen et al., 2012). Furthermore, Kombu contains a high number of key vitamins and minerals and are an ideal source for natural iodine, a key component needed in the production of thyroid hormones(Choudhry & Nasrullah, 2018). The intake of iodine supplements can therefore be avoided by eating seaweed aa an overdose of iodine by supplements can have a significant effect on our thyroid function and hormone balance (NHS, 2020). Furthermore, a number of studies have suggested potential anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects in Kombu ((Choudhry & Nasrullah, 2018; Jensen et al., 2012).