Our Story

UMAZING is a premium line derived from Kal’s kitchen a renowned company that specializes in creating food seasonings with unmatched flavours derived from nature, particularly plants. When it comes to our health, the food we eat can have a significant impact on our health. Gut health in particular has been linked to a number of neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The first distinctive output of our research to improve our gut health focusses on umami flavour. Our umami blends gives bland dishes like rice or pasta some zip while also enhancing the flavour of soups, broths, seafood, and veggies. We create flavours with exceptional taste and significant functional and nutritional advantages using our technologies and proprietary portfolio of natural flavours and ingredients. With the help of our extensive consumer research and sustainability initiatives, we hope to design goods that will delight customers and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable food system for all.

To guarantee consistency in quality and supply, we will continue to be leaders in our commitment to the most ethical, traceable and sustainable supply chain. We gather fresh, organic, umami-rich veggies from both the land and the sea, dehydrate them, then combine them with the savoury, tangy powder made from fermented miso to provide the ideal synergistic salt substitute. Our gut-friendly blend uses among others earthy shiitake mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, Irish seaweed, and miso to produce a rich umami flavour boost that is free of chemicals or preservatives. Our products are inspired by our mission to improve the quality of life for everyone while preserving our love for the natural world. We go beyond creating delicious cuisine to create culinary experiences that are healthy for your body, mind and the planet as a whole. We are unmatched in our love for good food! We change the world with delicious flavours and provide a portion of our earnings to a non-profit that supports women.


  • Kalvinder Chaggar | Founder & CEO

    Founder Kally is an enthusiastic vegan chef with a keen interest in healthy food flavours that boost rather than weaken the body's immune system. Her passion for plants grew out of a need for mental and physical harmony, which she was able to find through vegan cooking. She built a thriving career as a vegan chef by pursuing her curiosity and passion for unusual flavour combinations and exotic ingredients. She has catered for Amnesty International, the NHS, fashion shows and celebrity dining. After her mum’s diagnoses with dementia and Kally’s diagnosis with ADHD she furthered her comprehensive studies on how people can eat healthily without sacrificing taste and flavour, regardless of their health circumstances.

  • Aurélie Michelet | Senior Scientist in Drug Discovery

    Aurélie was born and raised in Lyon, France. Her passion for science led her to undertaking a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and a Master’s in Biology, Health and Medicine.

    She is currently a Senior Scientist in Drug Discovery at Engitix in London and has a deep interest in helping medical research in finding new therapies for multiple deseases, such as cancer. Unfortunately, many therapies have side effects and can also damage the taste buds, causing changes to the taste of food. Other health disorders can also lead to a loss of sense of taste, including COVID-19 and neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

    Aurélie, like most of us, has known people affected by COVID-19 and who had lost their smell and taste for weeks or even months. She also sadly lost her grandmother who had Alzheimer’s.

    When she met Kally, thanks to their common love of dogs, she learned about all the benefits of Umami and was very enthusiastic to be a part of this adventure with Umazing.