Healthy & delicious cooking

Introducing UMAZING, a new UK-made premium line of gut-friendly and flavour-boosting salt alternative seasonings. We’re thrilled you’re here to check out our special products, blended from carefully sourced plants and vegetables - mixed with your health in mind.

UMAZING products are always plant-based, non-GMO and organic.
We strive for sustainable and planet-friendly consumption.

  • We make the world taste better with our focus on UMAMI

    Umami is the 5th flavour profile that our tongues can distinguish alongside sweet, sour, bitter and salty. The taste sensation is universal, although the word itself was coined by the Japanese, meaning (more or less) 'savoury deliciousness'. The heightened sensation of savouriness on the tongue that is described by 'umami' means that food tastes extra flavourful, rich, luxurious- and thus satisfying.

  • We care for your health

    Generally speaking, the health benefits of umami are strongly dependent on the food we choose.

    Here at Umazing we pick our ingredients carefully to fully realise the umami taste while focusing on the health benefits of our ingredients. That’s why Umami is Uhhhmazing!

  • We focus on sustainability

    Our Umami Seasoning is All Natural. Umami describes a quality offered by natural compounds found in many common foods including aged cheeses, cured meats, green tea and more. Umazing Umami blends are blessed with great natural ingredients. We want to give back to the earth by sourcing most of our ingredients from the UK, reducing our air miles and carbon footprint. Also, our packaging is 100% sustainable with refillable jars.

  • Mix into your food as you cook

  • Sprinkle on top of prepared dishes to add flavour oomph

  • Use as a pre-grill spice rub

Spoon in or sprinkle on to elevate flavour. Great on rice, pasta, vegetables, fish, meat- you name it.

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